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    Tee to Green Golf Tips

Tip #1
Have you ever hit a bad golf shot and then followed it up with more bad shots? You hit a bad drive off the first tee box and then each time you go up to the tee box, your mind flashes back to that bad drive off the first tee. The key is to accept your mistake, be positive and do your best on the next shot. Don't let your mind replay the bad shots, only the good ones.

Start thinking/visualizing your shots. If you want to break 90 this season, start thinking of breaking that now by visualizing yourself shooting in the mid 80's!

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Tip #2
Make your practice fun!

I love basketball and used to play "horse" and "around the world". When I started playing golf in my teens I would take these court games onto the golf course when I practiced, you can too...

Take someone with you on the putting green and challenge them to a game of "horse" on the putting green and then carry it over to the range as well.

If you practice/warm up before you play a round of golf, start off with a wedge and hit 5 shots to a short distance target, then move up a couple of clubs and pick a different target and hit 5 shots, continue this until you have worked your way up to the Driver!

Don't forget the last tip and visualize each shot, the length, trajectory etc....

Tip #3
Check your grip presssure.
Is your grip pressure to tight?  Sometimes, just loosening your grip pressure can relieve tension from your arms and shoulders to assist in hitting the ball straighter.  It allows your forearms to rotate the club back to square at impact.
 A drill that you can do is to grip the club so it almost falls out of your hands, think of that grip pressure as a 1. Now grip the club as tight as you can, think of that grip pressure as a 5.  Now try to grip the club with pressure in between those two, think of that as grip pressure  3 and try to keep your grip pressure there throughout your swing.

Tip #4
Is your swing in balance?
Balance is important all the way through your golf swing.  A great way to get a feel for good balance and tempo is to swing the club back and forth with your feet together, or place your right foot tucked behind your left foot and take a 3/4 swing with a short iron. If you are swinging too hard, you will not be able to keep your balance through out your swing.
Good balance is the foundation to a great golf shot!

By Sue Bremer, LPGA Teaching Professional
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